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Since 2016, I have been writing at the intersection of trauma, identity, and healing, exploring experiences with shame, despair, fear, and self-love.



A photo series on what I am ashamed of

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We are not all made of stars

And why your self-improvement advice does not work for me

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the 5 ways growing up in a civil war shaped me

When you grow up in violence, you often rely on your imagination to survive, in turn it develops your creativity.

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the 10 things love is not

Love is not what you think it was, or what they told you it is, or what you dream it will be. Love just is

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10 alternatives to i love you

3- I feel intense emotions for you, I am still figuring out what they are

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7 essential books when life gets hard

Siddartha by Herman Hesse, No amount of knowledge and learning can give me the true sense of peace or happiness unless it is enlivened by real first-hand experience. I am my own teacher.